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Ranch/Ag Fence

Sacramento Valley Fencing has perfected the installation of ranch and style type fencing. We can recommend the proper material application for fencing projects. Whether it be a 4' non-climb, or a 10' deer fence, we got you covered! 

We've installed countless field fences and gates throughout Yolo, Sacramento, Placer and El Dorado counties. Some projects being as large as 15,000 linear feet!


We can offer many, many options when it comes to your field fence. Whether it be, drivable T posts, steel corner bracing, round pillar posts, we have experience with it all!

When choosing what type of agricultural fence you will need, you must keep in mind:

  1. What type of animal do you need the fence for? (Size of the animal and what sort of behavior do they exhibit that may require special requirements in fencing.)

  2. The best material to build your fence out of based on these needs

  3. How much agricultural fence material will you need?

  4. Any laws that you may need to be aware of when building your agricultural fence in your area

  5. Cost

  6. Aesthetics

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